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Coabana Holdings LLC and its affiliates help businesses seize the unprecedented trade and investment opportunities created by recent changes in U.S. and Cuban regulations. Our knowledge of the market, familiarity with the regulatory landscape, and key relationships enable us to provide essential services to clients and customers in both countries.  Coabana Holdings LLC is a subsidiary of Reneo Consulting LLC, a strategic consulting firm.  Reneo Consulting also represents Coabana Holdings in connection with a number of Coabana Holdings’ ventures related to Cuba.

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Coabana Trading LLC






Although recent developments have led to lucrative new trade opportunities between the U.S. and Cuba, complex regulations continue to present challenges for most businesses. Coabana Trading LLC leverages its regulatory expertise and banking and shipping relationships to connect suppliers and customers in both the U.S. and Cuba. Coabana Trading is engaged in brokering a variety of import and export projects on behalf of U.S. and Cuban businesses, including projects involving agricultural goods, food and beverage, tools and machinery, and building materials.



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Coabana Development LLC





Coabana Development LLC works with investors, project managers, and governments to launch real estate and infrastructure development projects in Cuba. Our knowledge of the Cuban investment climate allows us to identify attractive projects and plan for any attendant risks or uncertainties. Coabana Development is pursuing licensed investment and development projects in Cuba in many key industries, including hotel and tourism, marina, energy, and communications.





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